15 Reasons to Stay Hydrated and Healthy

15 Tips to Stay Hydrated in Arizona

Written by Amy Wise

October 1, 2020

While there are TONS of reasons to drink water and stay hydrated… here’s 15 reasons to stay hydrated and healthy.
1. Keeps your immune system strong
2. Lubricates your joints
3. Flushes toxins from the body
4. Helps form saliva and mucous (digest good, moistures to eyes/nose/mouth, prevent tooth decay)
5. Delivers oxygen through the body
6. Boosts healthy skin and beauty
7. Cushions the brain and spinal cord
8. Regulates body temperature
9. Keeps the digestive system going
10. Helps maintain blood pressure
11. Prevents kidney damage
12. Boosts exercise performance
13. Keeps airway maintained (when dehydrated airways construct to minimize water loss, making allergies and asthma worse)
14. Makes vitamins and nutrients more accessible to the body
15. Aids in weight loss

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